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ATP Nutrition uses only the purest raw ingredients. Our Glutamine is not heat or chemically treated. Glutamine is highly in demand throughout the body. It is used in the gut and immune system extensively to maintain optimal performance. 60% of free-form amino acids floating in skeletal muscles are L-glutamine. L-Glutamine plays a very important role in protein metabolism, and it appears to be a very important nutrient for body builders. When supplemented, it may help body builders reduce the amount of muscle deterioration that occurs because other tissues that need glutamine will not rob the glutamine stored in the muscle cells. If you are unsatisfied with the quality or freshness of this product, please contact us immediately.                      

Nutrition information  1 capsule   2 capsules
L-Glutamine (Free Form) 400 mg 800 mg

Ingredients: Pure HPLC Tested L-Glutamine, Hard Gelatin capsule, anticaking agent: Calcium phosphate, Magnesium Stearate.

Directions: As a dietary supplement, 2 capsules 2 times daily between meals. According physical activity is dose can be proportionally increased to 12 capsules per day. Drink plenty of water.

Warnings: Not suitable for children, pregnant and nursing women. Keep out of the reach of children. Once opened, store in a dry place below 25°C, carefully closed. The manufacturer is not liable for damages caused by improper usage or storage. There is no substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed recommended dosage.

Package contents: 200 capsules (±5 %)

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